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Ground Control Station (GCS) – Ready for MRPA Ground Testing

July 7, 2020

The team has been busy and our Ground Control Station (GCS) can now run X-Plane 11, a LongEZ or X-47B Drone (CUAV) with Pilot and Sensor Operator with situational awareness charts and TacView on the Upper screens. It can simulate NVG and Night Ops.

We can also fly Firefly6 and Mavic 2 ED from INSIDE GCS and display  on GCS monitors, extending our operations during those colder Canadian days with clear blue skies. We can connect to the Optimum Dish tracker and track the MRPV. GCS can now connect to and run servos in the MRPA on the ground through the Silvus and control MRPA flight servos. Ground test with Mission Planner control from the REAR seat is next. Stay tuned for the MRPA first flight.