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NRC Visits ITPS for Briefings and Demonstrations

March 9, 2023

ITPS welcomed a visit by the Canadian National Research Council, Industrial Research Assistance Programme (IRAP). IRAP funding helps small and medium Canadian enterprises to innovate and bring new products to market. IRAP funding has been key to our Advanced Controls Evaluator (ACE) and 5th Gen. Surrogate Training Aircraft (5STA). The delegation received briefings and demonstrations of our many technology projects and ITPS’ innovative approach to flight test and advanced training. Thanks to Ketan Ramji for arranging the visit.

National Research Council attends ITPS for a hangar tour, standing in front of black Hawker Hunter 5STA jet
NRC visit to view the Hunter 5th Gen Surrogate Training Aircraft while Thiago Macedo talks with them from inside the cockpit
Giorgio Clementi talks with NRC during visit to ITPS hangar in March 2023