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London International Airport (CYXU)

CYXU is a modern regional airport 5 km northeast of the city of London, Ontario. Its origins go back to the early 1920s and during the second world war, it was one of the airports utilized for Allied pilot training under the Commonwealth training plan which saw a number of southern Ontario airports being used for this purpose.

The airport is an international gateway airport with direct flights from Chicago and Detroit and Immigration and Customs facilities. It is as of 2009 the 20th busiest airport in Canada, which makes for efficient school operations with little to no delays due to traffic. The airport is south of Toronto and outside the Toronto (CYYZ) FIR and has close access to large sections of Class E and G airspace minimizing transit times for the execution of flight exercises which can be flown up to FL180 on a VFR flight plan but are Controlled VFR (CVFR) with flight control by Toronto Centre above 12000 feet.

Two dedicated test areas Delta and Juliet a low altitude one to 12000 and a high altitude one over Lake Huron, up to FL350, northwest of London may be used by the school under an agreement with NAV Canada, the Canadian Air Traffic Control Authority. The school, therefore, enjoys a very favourable air traffic environment for its training operations.

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  • close up of an army green ITPS Aircraft Bo-106 side panels from the parked plane in the hangar.
  • Ground crew on the air apron handle a black nosed, red paneled ITTC L-39.
  • ITPS students and teachers practice onboarding on a silver, parked plane in the hangar.
  • Aero Vodochody L39 airplane on the runway at ITPS Canada.
  • Group of ITPS personnel stand in front of a cherry red and navy blue float plane.
  • ITPS personnel helmets rest on a red and white striped wing of an aircraft in the hangar.
  • front of the cockpit tinted blue windows are the prominent feature of an ITPS Bell 206 parked in the hangar.