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Flight Test Training

  • Ground Control Station personnel
  • A sleek, parked ITPS Challenger is refueled on the airport apron.
  • A view of the futuristically styled ITPS entrance from the outside.
  • The inside of a hangar full of red tailed and white planes, Canadian flag hung in background on wall with ITPS logo
  • F-18 aircraft simulator cockpit and dome.
  • A green jet with a pilot in each cockpit sits parked beside a grey jet with a pilot in each cockpit.

ITPS has an established track record of providing cost effective flight test training to the military and civilian industry around the world. The training reflects lessons learned during many years of flight testing airplanes and helicopters for manufacturers and air arms. ITPS’ approach to flight test training is innovative and responsive and contains a truly international dimension.

The highly qualified expert team of ITPS instructors ensures that ITPS provides up-to-date, effective and affordable training to customers. It includes experts with experience in the military and civil industry, including experience on recent and current aircraft flight test programs such as the Lockheed Martin F-35, Pilatus PC-24, Airbus A220 and A400M. Foremost experts contribute in a variety of modern subject areas such as Stealth Technology, Non Linear Dynamic Inversion Control Theory, and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).

The school maintains high standards of instruction and assessment both for theoretical and flight demonstrations and exercises. Graduates of the ITPS Test Pilot and Flight Test Engineer Courses are thoroughly prepared to undertake the full spectrum of both civil and military flight testing, including modern aircraft systems and weapons.

Professional, Bespoke Flight Test Solutions

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