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Flight Test Consulting Services

Flight Test Consulting

In addition to being a Transport Canada AWM.521-approved Flight Test Organisation, ITPS provides consulting services including Contracted Test Pilots, Flight Test Engineers and Analysts, Project Management, Flight Test Instrumentation, Test Plan and Reports preparation, as well as Technical and Safety Reviews.

The scope of flight test consulting services is entirely up to the customer; ITPS will advise based on many years of industry expertise in airplane and helicopter flight testing. The company has considerable experience with instrumenting aircraft for flight testing quickly and at low cost. Our personnel can serve as the customer’s flight test department for as long as required without becoming a fixed overhead cost that burdens project finances.

ITPS’s principal expertise spans fixed-wing and rotary-wing flight test engineering, military and civil, from modern all-composite light aircraft to fighter aircraft and heavy transports.

Successfully completed consulting projects include:

  • Agusta A109 LUH JAR-27 Performance and Handling Qualities Certification
  • Agusta A109 LUH Cockpit and Workload assessment for IFR Certification
  • Agusta A129 CBT Acceptance Test Procedure
  • Agusta AB139 Cockpit and Workload assessment for IFR Certification
  • Alenia C-27J Natural Icing Certification
  • Bell 429 Certification flight tests, Function and Reliability, AFCS
  • Diamond DA-42 L Twin Star Part 23 Certification
  • Diamond DA-42TDi Twin Star Natural Icing Certification
  • Diamond DA-42 Maximum Take Off Mass increase
  • Diamond DA-40 Spin Certification
  • Diamond D-Jet Developmental flight test program
  • EH101 Performance and Handling Qualities Flight Tests with Marte Missile
  • EH101 Performance and Handling Qualities Flight Tests with AEW Radome
  • Embraer ERJ-145 Natural Icing Certification
  • FFA AS 202 TP Bravo Part-23 flight tests
  • Grob G-180 SPn Powerplant and Systems Test Planning
  • IPTN CN-235 Natural Icing Certification
  • Maule MX-170 BCAR-23 flight tests

Professional, Bespoke Flight Test Solutions

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