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EASA Test Pilot and FTE Courses

The Masters Level Flight Test Course

The Masters Level Flight Test Course is focused on training pilots and flight test engineers in the skills required to test new or modified aircraft and helicopters. The course emphasizes the traditional approach to flight-testing. This includes a gradual build up to critical conditions, thorough risk assessment and test planning. Students receive intensive classroom instruction in flight test methods aided using simulation. They are also taught to use the applicable military and civil airworthiness regulations and to undertake the planning and execution of each flight test exercise. This is followed by flight test techniques instruction in flight. Graduates of the ITPS Masters Level Flight Test course have repeatedly proven to be thoroughly prepared to participate in future flight test programs. ITPS has been recognized as an accredited Test Pilot School for this course by the Society of Experimental Test Pilots (SETP) and the Society of Flight Test Engineers (SFTE).

This 48-week course includes:

  • ~500 hours of ground school
  • ~120 flight hours in 10 to 15 aircraft types
  • Performance, stability and control, fly-by-wire, avionics and systems testing modules
  • Includes Variable Stability In-flight Simulator

Start dates: January and July annually.

EASA Category 1 and 2 Flight Test Courses

Civil or Military option available: Based on the European Aviation Safety Agency regulation Flight Crew Licensing FCL.820 for an approved training course for the issue of a CAT-1 or CAT-2 Test Pilot rating. The courses are designed to qualify test pilots to undertake flight testing on new aircraft (CAT-1) or within the approved aircraft flight envelope, including post maintenance test flights, operational test and evaluation and modifications not impacting the aircraft flying qualities (CAT-2).

CAT-1 Civil Graduate Course:

  • 35 weeks
  • 360+ hours of ground school
  • 110+ flight hours in 8 to 10 different aircraft types
  • Includes Variable Stability In-flight Simulator

CAT-2 Civil Course:

  • 23 weeks
  • 215+ hours of ground school
  • 50+ flight hours in 4 to 7 different aircraft types
  • Black Hunter Hawker T-55 at ITPS flying.
  • Blue and red Bell B106 helicopter hovering over the ground.
  • Green L-39 flying above Grey L39 jet trainer
  • Green and red MBB Bo105 helicopter taking off
  • Green and red MBB Bo105 helicopter flying over green landscape
  • White, red and blue ITPS HU-16 Sea Plane parked on tarmac in front of mountains

Do you need an experienced flight test training partner that delivers:

  • Industry approved fixed and rotary wing training;
  • Flexible and responsive programming taught by recognized experts and tailored to your needs and budget; and
  • Access to a variety of training aircraft that are most relevant to a student’s eventual employment.

Look no further than ITPS in London, Canada. We have packed decades of flight test experience and know-how into our course calendar.

Learn more about our Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing courses