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Graduate Students Visit Airbus and Leonardo in Europe

August 4, 2022

Graduate Students Visit Airbus and Leonardo in Europe

The opportunity to conduct flight tests at industry flight test centres evaluating modern aircraft and gaining insights of modern flight testing is a highlight of the Graduate Test Pilot and Flight Test Engineer Course. Our staff and students completed last week a European industry tour which saw them flying A320, A330 and A350 with Airbus in Toulouse, the C-27J with Leonardo in Turin and AW101, AW189, 169 and A109 Trekker as well as the AW609 simulator at Leonardo Helicopters. Just for good measure, a visit HeliOperations in Culdrose provided experience of Ship Helicopter Operating Limits (SHOL) in the S61 simulator.

A sincere thanks to our friends and colleagues at Airbus and Leonardo in Italy and the UK as well as HeliOperations for making these visits and flights possible.

  • ITPS Fixed Wing Graduate Students in front of large black Leonardo aircraft
  • student in front of red helicopter on sunny day
  • ITPS Fixed Wing Graduate Students with Williams Grac in cockpit
  • ITPS student with instructor, Airbus and Leonardo in Europe
  • students and instructor in front of Airbus A350 aircraft
  • student standing in front of Leonardo red and white helicopter
  • instructor and student flight testing Europe in cockpit
  • student in aircraft simulator holding flight test checklist
  • cockpit simulator with aircraft carrier on water
  • student standing outside of Rediffusion Simulator Sea King
  • student with yellow and blue helicopter
  • students in cockpit visiting Airbus and Leonardo Helicopters in Europe