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First Mixed Reality Simulator Training Event

March 15, 2023

The implementation of modern simulation technologies to enhance flight test training at the International Test Pilots School continues to advance. On Tuesday 14th March ITPS and our Advanced Aircraft Simulation Centre (AASC) celebrated a milestone as the FW2023A Test Pilot and Flight Test Engineer students completed their first-ever Mixed-Reality Simulator training event outside of the Avionics Systems testing curriculum, delivered as part of our EASA Compliant Graduate Course.

Test Pilot students practiced various Maneuver Performance Flight Test Techniques, including wind-up turns, in our Mixed-Reality F/A-18 Simulator as Flight Test Engineer students monitored the flight in real-time via a simulated Telemetry Station, honing their Test Director skills. The use of Mixed Reality simulation will continue to be integrated into our syllabus to enhance training, mitigate risk and ensure that students are fully prepared for airborne flight events, including envelope expansion and stores clearance activities.

Mixed Reality Event lecture with instructors and students at AASC simulation centre
Instructor Dave Lohse spectating student flying in mixed reality MR at Advanced Aircraft Simulation Centre
Student wearing Mixed Reality Headset at ITPS
2023A Class with instructors at International Test Pilots School in the Advanced Aircraft Simulation Centre
Student at ITPS Advanced Aircraft Simulation Centre wearing mixed reality headset
Students in lecture theatre at Advanced Aircraft Simulation Centre
Instructor Constantin Stan at Advanced Aircraft Simulation Cente