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The Team that Keeps Things Moving at ITPS!

February 15, 2024

This is the team that keeps things moving at ITPS!

We are proud of our flight line crew as they work diligently in the hangar and on the ramp to ensure our aircraft operate safely and efficiently. In all seasons, this team is responsible for aircraft marshalling, servicing, refuelling, pre- and post-flight checks and supporting pilots and crews.

Flightline crew member holding thumbs up while kneeling on tarmac beside green L39 jet trainer
Red Bo 105 Helicopter with flightline crew removing taxi wheels for flight
Large Albatross HU-16 seaplane taxiing out of ITPS hangar
flightline crew member standing in front of MB 105 red helicopter while pilots inside cockpit communicate
flightline crew member standing beside Sikorsky S-76 with a grey L29 taxiing just behind it
Flightline worker in bright orange vest holding up L39 aircraft chock for test pilot to see
two flightline crew members using hand signals to communicate with L39 jets
flightline crew member leaning into the cockpit of a black and red L39
Flightline worker in reflective vest waving bright red signals to L39 jet trainer during dark night time operations
flight line worker in orange reflective vest jacket waving hands up to signal to pilot inside L39 jet trainer
flightline operator on the side of a white and red L-39 jet trainer while pilot in rear cockpit wears hmd and oxygen mask