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Second Bo 105 Added to Our Growing Fleet

January 17, 2023

Our second Bo 105, a civil Bo 105 CDN-BS-4 version has commenced operations in support of our rotary wing flight test course. The Bo 105 is an excellent platform for flight test training, particularly for fundamental flying qualities flight test techniques demonstrations. Its unique rigid rotor head makes it a very responsive machine and its flying qualities unmasked by stability augmentation. It also exhibits some unusual flight characteristics under specific conditions which are readily demonstrable and safely recoverable.

Mark Chivers, Test Pilot Instructor (RW), states “the Bo 105 is an interesting aircraft to fly with handling characteristics that make it extremely well suited to flight test instruction.” Through the addition of an HMD, the Bo 105 is also a key asset for the avionic systems testing phase of the course. Its twin-engine configuration, good performance and reliability make both our Bo 105s workhorses of our fleet.

Photo of Mark Chivers, Rotary Wing Test Pilot with red MBB 105 helicopter
red MBB Bo 105 helicopter at ITPS in London Ontario Canada