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Fixed Wing Test Pilot Student Conducts Qualitative Evaluation Event in our Sikorsky S76C+

February 22, 2024
Sikorsky S76C+ on tarmac before liftoff
Sr. Capt Mathias Van den Bossche and Stephen Crockatt stand in front of Sikorsky helicopter
Sikorsky S76C+ Rotary Wing helicopter hovering above ground

Sr. Capt Mathias Van den Bossche, Fixed Wing test pilot student from the Belgium Air Component, recently flew the ITPS S76C+ with our Head of Training, Steve Crockatt, and eagerly demonstrated his superior flying skills.

As part of our Fixed Wing syllabus, test pilots under training are required to conduct a qualitative evaluation event in a helicopter. The ability for pilots to compensate and adjust their control strategy to operate the aircraft under test and then evaluate its flying qualities is an essential flying skill taught at ITPS.

Our students benefit from exposure to a variety of aircraft during their training; for fixed-wing students, this includes helicopter flights. Although this was the first time Mathias had even been in a helicopter, in any capacity, he flew well throughout the envelope and was confidently hovering the helicopter by the end of the sortie!