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Online Learning at ITPS

July 21, 2021

The International Test Pilots School (ITPS) has made great strides in adapting its offerings to make them accessible to customers worldwide on-demand. Theoretical modules that comprise the Graduate Test Pilot and Flight Test Engineer courses, including most EASA approved CAT-1 and CAT-2 lectures, are available for online distance learning. Over 300 lecture hours spanning various curricula topics are available.

Based on ITPS experience, it is essential to enhance the online learning experience with practical demonstrations to help students visualize the application of flight test techniques. As a novel approach, ITPS has adopted the cloud-based NeoVu platform to provide 360˚ immersive videos of flight test technique demonstrations. Viewable with VR Headsets or any other display, the videos feature in-depth demonstration sorties flown by our instructors.

Distance learning modules are available as individual short courses or as part of a complete programme. Some customers are opting to complete the entire Graduate Course ground school online. Alternatively, the length of time a student is in Canada may be decreased as students are able to complete part of the syllabus online. From an economic point of view, the ITPS online elements are useful as a valuable selection tool to identify the best candidates before committing them to an entire programme.

The module prospectus and online enrolment may be found at by selecting Online as the course location.

illustration of jet flying from laptop screen emitting waves

Further course information and enquiries may be directed at, and enrolment enquiries may be directed to our Registrar at