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Sukhoi SU-29 Takes to the Sky

September 16, 2023

There are good days and then there are great days! It’s a beautiful day for flying our Sukhoi SU-29! What a powerful beast! Very tricky ground handling with incredible rate of roll, easy to loop, no aerodynamic warning at the stall, but well behaved with easy and prompt recovery. The Sukhoi SU-29 will make for a great and unusual experience for the test pilot and flight test engineer students at the International Test Pilots School.

Sukhoi SU-29 spinning rotars on the ground
Giorgio Clementi stands with the red and yellow aerodynamic aircraft
Sukhoi turned away on ITPS ramp
Giorgio takes selfie mid-flight in the front cockpit of the red and yellow plane
Giorgio Clementi taking a selfie in the front cockpit of the Sukhoi SU-29
Enjoying a beautiful day mid-air with the Sukhoi