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Our Manned Remotely Piloted Aircraft (MRPA) is in Action!

May 5, 2024
EO/IR sensor on the bottom of the MRPA
cockpit and avionics display of Manned Remotely Piloted Aircraft (MRPA)
test pilot in MRPA cockpit in front of ITPS hangar
MRPA flying over London Ontario
Henry Language, Test Pilot, standing beside MRPA aircraft

Our Manned Remotely Piloted Aircraft (MRPA) is in action at ITPS Canada! This aircraft may be flown manually or in auto-flight mode through our mobile Ground Control Station (GCS). The aircraft incorporates a modern digital engine display, allowing for mirrored data display in the MRPA cockpit and the GCS.

Based on a Long-EZ design, the MRPA is a favourite of students and our UAS instructors are busy preparing training events for our CAT-2 UAS EQ course students. An important component used in UAS training is the EO/IR sensor, which may also be evaluated during ground-based exercises.