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Evaluation of Tactical Avionics Systems in AASC

August 22, 2023

Our Advanced Aircraft Simulation Centre (AASC) allows flight test students to hone their skills in Performance and Flying Qualities flight test techniques, human-machine interface and avionics assessment, and military avionic system evaluation. The F/A18C mixed reality simulators employ state-of-the-art Mixed Reality visual systems, high fidelity control loading and connectivity to our Telemetry room, providing a realistic test environment for both test pilot and flight test engineer students. This cutting-edge learning centre also allows for the development and presentation of realistic operational scenarios to teach evaluation techniques for modern tactical weapons systems and avionics.

The AASC is one of the largest and most modern simulation centres worldwide. Capabilities at the centre include mixed reality visual systems, variable stability systems, eVTOL, civil and military fixed wing and rotary wing simulators. In addition to experiencing the simulation centre, our domestic and international students receive tailored classroom academics, benefiting from small group exercises and individual instruction.

student in F-16 mixed reality cockpit
Instructor beside student in the Advanced Aircraft Simulation Centre
Instructor and students at Advanced Aircraft Simulation Centre looking at screens