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Billie Flynn at the ITPS Advanced Aircraft Simulation Centre

March 29, 2021

Billie Flynn had the opportunity last week to spend time in the new International Test Pilots School Advanced Aircraft Simulation Centre in London, Ontario. His vast experience flying the most advanced 5th Generation aircraft in the world lends well to his expertise in developing a 5Th Generation platform at ITPS. This curriculum provides exceptional learning opportunities at ITPS for student fighter pilots and test pilots as they prepare for advanced aircraft handling and mission systems testing.

The new ITPS cutting-edge simulation centre is used for both flight testing and tactical training, and includes B787, F-18 and F-35 simulators. Head Up Display (HUD), Head Mounted Display (HMD) and Live Virtual Constructive Training (LVCT) offer the best combination of a realistic and immersive training experience for the students. In the simulation centre, students can experience 5th Generation aircraft handling and performance testing to prepare for challenging sorties.

An expert in 5th Generation fighter development, Billie has flown as a fighter pilot and test pilot for more than 4 decades and recently retired from Lockheed Martin as Senior F-35 Test Pilot. He is a graduate of Royal Military College of Canada, the United States Naval Test Pilot School and holds several post-graduate degrees.

Billie commented “The opportunity for students to learn with the aid of Mixed Reality simulation provides a much more realistic education and teaching conditions than was available with legacy platforms.  These technology advancements better suit the learning aptitudes of next generation pilots to prepare them to fly and test advanced next gen platforms.” after his latest experience in the ITPS Advanced Aircraft Simulation Centre.

Billie Flynn in an aircraft simulator using virtual and mixed reality system.
Pilot Billie Flynn in a fighter jet simulator using Varjo technology of Mixed Reality
Pilot Billie Flynn in a C-18 fighter jet simulator.