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Adaptive Handling Qualities Aircraft First Flight

November 25, 2021
Photo of Adaptive Handling Qualities Aircraft (AHQA) at International Test Pilots School in London, Canada. Aircraft is red and white and is shown on the ramp.

Our Adaptive Handling Qualities Aircraft (AHQA) is airborne! Following a post-modification maintenance test flight, the aircraft is finally ready to commence the flight test programme for the Variable Stability System. AHQA is a testbed for the system to be installed in our L-39VSS aircraft and it will provide valuable insights into the system’s capabilities and the instructor and student’s controls and procedures. It will also provide a low-cost platform for flying qualities and FBW systems testing instruction.

Kudos to our Engineering team for bringing this project to flight, whilst also progressing numerous other projects aimed at enhancing the flight test training programs at ITPS.