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Dr. Theo Versteegh and Human Performance Optimization

May 4, 2023

Today is Star Wars Day (May the 4th), and what better way to celebrate than to share innovative uses of technology to optimize human performance! Today we hosted Dr. Theo Versteegh, Ph.D., Physiotherapist, Concussion Specialist and CTO of TopSpin Technologies based in our hometown of London, Ontario. Theo has been working with high-performance athletes and military service members on the prevention of sports and work-related concussion injuries. Their flagship product is TopSpin360, a head-worn training device that improves multi-planar neck strength to combat concussions for athletes and members of the military.

Theo has been working with our Deputy Head of Training, Dave Lohse, for the past six months on optimizing his neck strength and flexibility using the TopSpin360 helmet. The world-class training provided in our high-performance jet aircraft places unique physical and mental demands on our flight crew, staff and student alike. Today ITPS students and staff were briefed on the TopSpin360 technology, and they witnessed a real-time, quantitative assessment of the positive impact the TopSpin360 training protocol has had on Dave’s neck strength, flexibility and overall well-being.

Thanks for sharing the results of this research, Theo! Your disciplined, data-based approach complements the values we uphold for our instructional and research staff, students and graduates!

Dave Lohse Deputy Head of Training and Dr. Theo Versteegh inside ITPS hangar
blue TopSpin360 Head Training Device
Dr. Theo Versteegh in the hangar at ITPS leaning into 5STA hawker hunter cockpit