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A Diverse Range of Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft

May 10, 2024
grey L39 jet trainer retracting landing gear after take off
Bo 105 helicopter flying close to the ground during flight testing
Brasov aircraft with test pilot and instructors in cockpit
Pilots step to Bo 105 with L39 taxiing behind
AME technicians working on L39 in hangar

Flying a diverse range of fixed and rotary-wing aircraft at ITPS Canada is crucial for training the next generation of test pilots and flight test engineers. We offer students invaluable hands-on experience across various aircraft types, including Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), vital for developing their skills and understanding of performance, handling qualities, systems integration, hazard analysis and risk mitigation.
Furthermore, it ensures our graduates learn to ‘be comfortable feeling uncomfortable.’ Exposure to various aircraft types ensures ITPS students become versatile and adaptable flight test professionals.