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Advanced Aircraft Simulation Centre – June 2022 Video

June 30, 2022

Advanced Aircraft Simulation Centre (AASC) June 2022 Video

Watch our latest AASC video below.

In addition to the simulator assets in the video, ITPS is increasing its impressive capabilities including fixed wing, rotary wing and eVTOL simulation. A high-fidelity, customisable Leonardo AW139 helicopter simulator is being commissioned and will go through acceptance testing next week. Our eVTOL simulator is already being used in our UAS courses with very good feedback from students and a lot of interest from the industry. Initial installation of a Boeing AH-64D Apache simulator also started this week and will be a very welcome addition to test pilot students specifically tasked with testing and evaluating leading-edge combat aircraft. To further enhance our offering to fixed wing tactical clients, two additional Lockheed F-16C simulators will arrive at ITPS next week.

This contemporary simulation centre reduces customer costs and delivers the best possible learning experience for our students.

  • Cockpit view of AW139 being commissioned at ITPS in London, Ontario
  • Steve Bigg flying Attack Helicopter Apache simulator
  • Cockpit view of the AW139 being installed at ITPS.
  • Entrol setting up aircraft simulation configuration