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Trendak Tercel Gyrocopter Visits ITPS

August 26, 2022

From Airbus A350 to autogyro! Our graduate course students had the opportunity to evaluate the Trendak Tercel gyrocopter and experience something completely outside their previous experience, far removed from the Airbus A350 they recently sampled! Applying their newly gained flight testing skills they gained insight into the unique flying qualities and handling characteristics of the gyrocopter.

Great report by instructor Alain Lacharité capturing lessons learned for when we (definitely) repeat the exercise with the next class. Well done Alain! Thank you also to Gyro Adventure and instructor Jacques Pelletier for the excellent support. All round smiles prove that team had fun too!

  • Graduate Students with Gyrocopter at ITPS
  • Gyrocopter cockpit during flight with flight test students and instructors
  • flight test instructors inside gyrocopter cockpit
  • flight test students in blue gyrocopter