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ITPS Canada Goes 100% Carbon Neutral

November 14, 2022

ITPS Canada makes a commitment to the planet for generations to come

ITPS Canada is proud to announce a pledge to be 100% carbon neutral for 2022 and beyond.

To help achieve their environmental goals, ITPS (International Test Pilots School) has partnered with LivClean, a top-ranked carbon offset retailer. Through the partnership, ITPS’s carbon offset purchase will support the Great Bear Forest Carbon Project, located inside the traditional territories of the Haida Nation, British Columbia, Canada, and home to the largest remaining intact coastal temperate rainforest in the world.

“It’s time for us all to take responsibility. Our partnership with LivClean and the Great Bear projects means ITPS Canada’s carbon emissions from flying will be completely offset, making us the first test pilot school in North America to be 100% carbon neutral” says Giorgio Clementi, President of ITPS Canada. “This demonstrates ITPS is committed to climate action in aviation.”

Forests play an important role in our fight against rising CO2 levels. Protecting mature-growth forests aids the fight in two important ways. It preserves the carbon already stored in the mature trees, plus it continues capturing even more carbon as the trees continue to grow. By supporting the Great Bear Forest Carbon Project, ITPS is offsetting the equivalent of planting and protecting approximately 20,000 trees. ITPS already offset 25% of its 2021 emissions, and now is committed to being 100% carbon neutral for 2022 and beyond.

Beyond the carbon benefits, the Great Bear Forest Carbon Project supported by ITPS, protects the western red cedar, which is known as the “Tree of Life”, and important habitats for the Kermode bear, black and grizzly bears, and seacoast wolves. The project also preserves habitats for coastal and freshwater marine life.

The Great Bear Forest Carbon Project and the ITPS offset purchase is tracked on the BC Forest Carbon Offset third-party public carbon-reduction registry (See and meet all eight of the Carbon Offset Credit Integrity Assessment Criteria identified by ICAO’s Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA). ITPS embraces the need for test pilot flight training to be environmentally sustainable and plans to deliver the most sustainable training in the industry through the increased use of simulator training and partnering with a sustainable aviation fuel research project at the University of Waterloo, Ontario.

LivClean Carbon Offsets is a top-ranked 100% Canada-owned carbon offset retailer dedicated to the responsible business movement. Since 2007, LivClean has been offering the highest quality carbon offsets with an emphasize on transparency, tracking and making a difference. Working in association with industry leaders to offer sector specific programs, LivClean helps organizations do business in a way that puts more back into society, the environment and the bottom line than it takes out.

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