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Pure Joy of Unpowered Flight – Glider Evaluation

July 7, 2023

ITPS students performed their first glider evaluation last week. During those sorties, both Flight Test Engineer and Test Pilot students were in the front seat and flew various Flight Test Techniques. Exposure to a glider’s flying qualities and performance is a key component of any flight test crew training program.

Indeed, it is not conceivable to design complex and safe Fly By Wire control laws without knowing the details of control surfaces’ primary and secondary effects. Performing flight tests on such a rudimentary aircraft directly exposes students to airflow effects, allowing them to ‘sense’ the forces in action, provides an improved understanding of flight control mechanical basics, develops essential test pilot flying skills and … provides the pure joy of unpowered flight!

glider approaching landing sequence
Glider evaluations at ITPS in London with rotary wing aircraft and student giving thumbs up expression
Martin Bosse and Williams Grac with students evaluation gliders
Glider aircraft being evaluated by ITPS students inside cockpit