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Exceptional Training for Rotary Wing Test Pilots and Flight Test Engineers

December 23, 2023
helicopter in the air beside London International Airport
blue and red helicopter flying from above angle

Regarding rotary wing test pilot and flight test engineer training, having a mix of helicopters with various characteristics can provide a more comprehensive learning experience. ITPS Canada offers students the opportunity to train on the widest variety of rotary wing aircraft that vary in size, power, avionics and performance and handling characteristics.

Our Advanced Aircraft Simulation Centre vastly improves learning outcomes and ensures the most effective use of actual rotorcraft flight time. Established links with industry and manufacturers provide opportunities to fly the latest generation helicopters for Final Projects. ITPS’ exceptionally qualified and experienced RW instructor cadre ensures our record number of 2023 RW students return to their sponsoring organizations as competent Experimental Test Pilots and Flight Test Engineers. Want more information on our courses? Email

2 helicopters on wet runway showing reflections on the ground
black and white photo of helicopter taxiing out of hangar