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Demonstrating Inverted and Flat Spins in our SU-29

October 11, 2023

Instructor work-up for advanced spinning demonstrations in our SU-29. Aerobatics instructor Trevor Rafferty from Upright Aviation Academy is familiarising our test pilots with the finer points of inverted and flat spins and the effect of out-spin aileron. Williams Grac, Chief Fixed Wing Flight Test Instructor, and Trevor put the airplane through its paces in this exciting video.

The SU-29 is already in service at #ITPSCanada and initial student qualitative evaluations have been flown. However, the spin testing syllabus is being updated to make full use of the SU-29’s capabilities. Thorough instructor training and familiarisation with the aircraft’s characteristics is essential prior to introducing these manoeuvres into test pilot student demonstrations and exercises.