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ITTC Instructors Fly with ITPS Test Pilot Graduate

October 7, 2022

This week, Dave Lohse (ITTC Instructor) had the opportunity to fly in the same formation as Major Fairul Mohd Rustam, call sign “Gilette.” One of our most recent Malaysian Test Pilot graduates, Gilette is now flying the SU30MKM Flanker as a Test Pilot and Operational Pilot.

Brendan “Darcee” Pierce (Head of Training, ITTC) and Dave Lohse are running the third phase of a Fighter Weapons Instructor Course (FWIC) at Kuantan Air Base in Malaysia with the ground school and simulation phases having been conducted in Canada. It is always great to meet and fly with ITPS alumni from countries around the world!

David Lohse with Major Fairul Mohd Rustam in Malaysia
Brendan "Darcee" Pierce in Malaysia in front of large grey jet
Dave Lohse in front of grey jet trainer