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Congratulations Heli-One Graduates!

July 16, 2023

Mirza Junuzovic and Henrik Gorges from Heli-One have successfully completed the 7 Week Rotary Wing Certificate Flight Test Course. This was a custom course for Heli-One including lectures, simulators and practical flight-testing experience.

The course feedback from Mirza and Henrik was that the curriculum was more detailed than they expected, and although the learning was intense, they are returning to Norway with a thorough introduction to many aspects of helicopter flight testing. They commented enthusiastically on the knowledge and vast experience of our Instructors and Academics team, specifically Adam Lowes, Chief Rotary Wing Pilot for his engaging lectures.

Heli-One graduation at ITPS Canada in London, Ontario in front of rotary wing aircraft
Instructor and Heli-One students in front of a S-76 helicopter
Adam Lowes and Heli-One students walking from S-76 helicopter
Stephen "Croc" Crockatt gives out certificate in the hangar to graduating student in front of helicopter
Stephen Croc Crockatt gives out graduation certificate to Heli-One student in front of helicopter