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Welcome Fernando Alonso to the ITPS Team!

January 18, 2021

Fernando Alonso joins the ITPS team. Fernando Alonso, former Head of Military Aircraft at Airbus has joined ITPS’s team as a consultant instructor and business development.  Previously Fernando was the Head of Flight and Integration Testing at Airbus Commercial Aircraft in Toulouse. Fernando graduated as a Flight Test Engineer at the French Test Pilot School, EPNER in June 1990. He has over 5000 hours of flight testing experience of which over 4000 hours reflect twenty-five years of Large Commercial Aircraft and Military Transport Aircraft flight testing and certification.

Fernando was Lead Flight Test Engineer in First Flights on a number of Airbus Aircraft: A340-200, A319, A318CFM, A380 and A350. He was also an instructor at the Airbus Flight Test School from 2002 to 2015. Fernando has been a presenter at EPNER, SFTE and SETP events. Fernando earned a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering (Madrid University) with Executive Training at Harvard Business School.

As a visiting instructor at ITPS, Fernando is making an impact by ensuring our instruction provides the skills and expertise expected by industry to, safely and efficiently, execute flight test programs, specifically with reference to large, fly-by-wire transport aircraft.  He is making already an invaluable contribution to FBW Transport aircraft certification instruction and developing a Flight Test Management module. 

Commenting on his experience with ITPS to date, Fernando remarks:

“Training flight test crews is not just about teaching flying techniques; it is about exposing future test crews to new ways of working based on teamwork, transparency, intellectual honesty, humbleness and a passion for flight. I believe that ITPS with the agility of its management, the continuous search to remain aligned with industry needs, the innovative approach to teaching and the dedication of its staff has all the elements to succeed. I am delighted to contribute. ”    

Welcome to the team Fernando!