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Flutter Flight Testing with Live Chase Plane Support

August 22, 2023

The recent delivery of Flutter Flight Test Training with live chase plane support and flight test engineer student test telemetry control at the Advanced Aircraft Simulation Centre (AASC) marks a significant milestone in the flight training industry. The incorporation of live chase plane support within an advanced simulation environment ensures a safer, more realistic, and cost-effective training experience for flight test pilots and engineers.

By providing real-time visual observations and communication with both the test pilot and flight test engineer students during simulated flutter testing, the live chase plane adds a layer of interactive learning that was previously unachievable. This gives trainees the opportunity to encounter the potential challenges unique to flutter testing and creates the environment necessary for student flight test pilots and flight test engineers to build their skills experientially, thereby better preparing them for actual flight test operations. Telemetry data provides crucial real-time feedback on the aircraft’s performance and onboard systems status, allowing students to analyze flight characteristics, identify anomalies, and understand the effects of different test conditions. This iterative learning process is invaluable in developing proficiency and confidence in flight test operations.

This advancement demonstrates the commitment of ITPS to push the boundaries of innovation in the safe and effective delivery of leading-edge flight test training. ITPS recognizes that as the aviation industry advances, ensuring that flight test professionals are equipped with the latest training methodologies and technologies will remain paramount in maintaining the highest safety standards for current and future flight test operations.

Flutter test chase plane in simulator at ITPS Canada
Instructor flying simulator at ITPS Canada CXYU Advanced Aircraft Simulation Centre (AASC)
Students and instructors in Advanced Aircraft Simulation Centre at ITPS Canada