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Flight Test & Training Consulting Services

Flight Test Consulting

ITPS offers flight test consulting including contracted flight test services, including test pilots, engineers and analysts.

The scope of flight test consulting services is entirely up to the customer; ITPS will advise based on many years of industry expertise in airplane and helicopter flight testing. The company has considerable experience with instrumenting aircraft for flight testing quickly and at low cost. Our personnel can serve as the customer’s flight test department for as long as required without becoming a fixed overhead cost that burdens project finances.

ITPS’s principal expertise spans fixed-wing and rotary-wing flight test engineering, military and civil, from modern all-composite light aircraft to fighter aircraft and heavy transports. We have experience with the Bell 429 and Leonardo AW109 helicopters, as well as the advanced Bell/Agusta AB139 medium transport helicopter, and the Leonardo EH-101 (AW101) and Agusta A-129CBT attack helicopter.

ITPS president Giorgio Clementi has actively participated in the certification of Part 23 light aircraft for Diamond Aircraft Industries, and was responsible for flight testing the proof of concept aircraft for the D-Jet Personal Jet.

Piloting an Innovative Training Experience

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