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International Test Pilots School - The biggest independent school of experimental flight testing in the world.

The World comes to ITPS!


The world’s air forces and industry send their best and brightest to ITPS to learn about flight testing. Our outstanding international team, comprised of 25 full-time fixed and rotary wing flight test instructors, provides a world-class education in flight testing in one of the most diverse and exciting training aircraft fleets in the world.

ITPS is an EASA ATO approved for Civil Pilot CAT-1 and CAT-2 Flight Test Ratings and Lead Flight Testing Engineer courses for fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Our one-year Graduate Course for military customers is recognised by the Society of Experimental Test Pilots (SETP) and the Society of Flight Test Engineers (SFTE) and over 25 air arms to date.

Pilots and Engineers at ITPS are immersed in an active flight test organisation undertaking the development of aircraft modifications and upgrades, avionics systems development, and fly-by-wire flight controls systems testing.

ITPS is the post-graduate school of flying offering Master of Science programmes in Flight Test Engineering and Flight Testing in its flight test courses or as standalone programmes.

We are committed to implementing and promoting flight test best practices through regular exchanges with industry and industry experts ensuring ITPS graduates receive a world-class education.

  • White, red and blue ITPS HU-16 Sea Plane parked on tarmac in front of mountains
  • ITPS L-29 flying over open farm fields in London, Ontario.
  • Close up of red and black IAR 832 Barsov next to a L-39. Both in hanger.
  • ITPS Canada - Fleet Bo105 007 green and black helicopter with red nose and tail Flying Over Golf Course
  • An ITTC student boarding a grey L-39.

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