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Back End Developer (R&D Avionics and Simulation)

London, Ontario

The Environment:

This a truly unique opportunity that is unmatched anywhere else – whether you are early in your career and taking the right first step, or an experienced professional of several years searching for that next role that truly excites you.  ITPS is a test pilot school using the latest technology and teaching techniques to train the highest level of pilots and flight test professionals from around the world.  Our teaching aids are the aircraft themselves.  We use a wide-ranging fleet of 20 aircraft with over 10 aircraft types to demonstrate the unique characteristics of each type of aircraft.  We have in our hangar military jet trainers, single and twin-piston aircraft, large amphibious aircraft, and a variety of helicopters and simulators.

The ITPS Engineering and Maintenance (E&M) team continually maintains and enhances this fleet to keep our curriculum at the forefront of the latest technology and flight-test methods.  In addition to maintaining the fleet to meet the operational needs of the flight test school, our modification projects range from small avionics upgrades to full-aircraft data sensor installation, to heavy modifications that affect the operational and flying characteristics of the aircraft.  The environment is hands-on and collaborative.  Our work is practical, multi-disciplinary and highly targeted for a special mission.

The Person: We are looking for an energetic, motivated and dynamic individual to join our team with the following aptitudes and interests.

Your Duties:

  • Work in a collaborative R&D team focused on avionics, systems and software for aerospace operations and testing applications.
  • Talking with the pilot team to gather requirements for flight displays and capabilities.
  • Study manuals/documents for existing assets and generate requirements possibilities to suggest and support the core development team.
  • Support the development team where required, and have the vision/interest to learn new software/development.
  • Complete documentation based on project direction/requirements.
  • Help the avionics team member with fabrication, ordering, research etc.

Your Profile:

    1. Backend developer/embedded systems to interface with a range of avionics equipment for data I/O
    2. Networking Knowledge (C/C++, Python to run sockets/Winsock) is highly desired
    3. Communication knowledge via serial port etc. is ideal.
    4. Knowledge/experience with working with Radios such as IP Radios, and SDRs is an asset
    5. Experience in working with various protocols such as RS232, and RS422. Etc. DIS Protocol is an asset
    6. Familiarity with DAL-type software development is an asset.
    7. Simulation experience in XPLANE, PREPAR3D etc. is highly desired. + development knowledge. an asset
    8.  Working with a game engine – UE4 is highly desirable
    9. Forward-thinking with adopting new technologies and ideas is an asset.
    10. The ability to adapt to open-source technologies is an asset
    11. Must have an open mindset and be a team player.
    12. Must be agile and adapt to new requests/requirements.
  • Other qualities
    1. Must be a team player
    2. Must have a keen interest in avionics and simulation
    3. Must have an outgoing attitude and initiative.
    4. Interest/knowledge/experience in flight simulation is an asset (Xplane, P3D, MSFS, DCS)
    5. Keen interest in the field of AI/ML is an asset.
    6. C++/Python programming and assets

Interested? We'd love to hear from you.

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