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Military Sector

Military Sector:

Airpower has demonstrated to be the key element of military operations success, leveraging on the capability to use space, airspace and cyberspace domains and obtain the desired effect on the enemy.

Modern warfare has evolved:

Since the Gulf war in 1991 when the first precision weapon was used. Modern technology poses opportunities and challenges to armed forces around the world. Opportunities in terms of possibility to achieve or upgrade military capabilities with off-the-shelf technology, but also challenges to adapt military procurement, education and training of personnel to this continuously evolving environment.

Airpower is a technology-based effort, from planning to execution and training of Air Force personnel. The key is to harness the technology with a proper and balanced educational program and innovative thinking.

Planning requires Training

A structured and sustained training strategy is pivotal to a modern, integrated and combat ready Air Force, with the capability of delivering the proper and advanced education curricula to all Air Force personnel.

ITTC is not only able to provide capabilities-based training on client’s requirements, it will also propose multiple areas of expertise based on modern scenarios, including but not limited to, Fifth Generation threat, new standoff weapons, cyber threat and modern technologies to keep the training programmes relevant year to year. Training can be provided in Canada or in the client’s country.

Leading in Innovative Training Experience

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  • A helicopter in flight, a river trees and a golf course below.
  • An ITTC student boarding a grey L-39 on our air strip.
  • A side view of two L-39 flying in formation.
  • Eight ITPS students at our facility on tarmac; planes and hangars surround them.
  • A grey and orange UAV in flight with a red and black helicopter behind it.