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Lead-In Fighter Training

ITTC provides advanced military flight-training tailor-made for clients. The Fighter Lead-In Training (FLIT) program develops the students flying ability, situational awareness, tactical ability and initiative in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

The duration of the course is negotiated with the client and is dependent on many factors, however, the standard is for a six months program comprising a total of fifty (50) aircraft sorties plus twenty (20) simulator flight hours.

The program has three phases:

Phase One

Jet Conversion Training Phase consisting of thirty (30) aircraft sorties and ten (10) simulator sessions is designed to introduce the students to fast-jet operations with some exposure to basic tactics.

Phase Two

Tactical Weapons Phase, consisting of ten (10) aircraft sorties during which the students are given a thorough grounding in a range of tactical operations

Phase Three

The Advanced Tactical Phase consisting of ten (10) aircraft sorties and ten (10) simulator sessions that provide the opportunity to train in a range of tactical operations, in real-world scenarios.

The training will be conducted in London, Ontario in Canada, subject to Canadian Government approval.

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