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The Best For The Best

Over twenty years of experience providing advanced tactical training to air arms worldwide

The International Tactical Training Centre is a unique facility providing advanced military flight training on-demand featuring:

  • Expert team of international instructors;
  • Fighter Lead-In Training to Fighter Weapons Instructor Courses;
  • Tailored training programs available on demand;
  • World-class facilities;
  • Latest technology including Live Virtual Constructive training for today and tomorrow’s combat aircrew.

ITTC by the Numbers

  • 25

    Air Force Clients

  • 47


  • 16

    Highly experienced former military instructors

  • 30+

    Support Staff

  • 35+

    Contractor Instructor Network

  • 5

    L-39 Aircraft

  • 5

    Full Fighter Weapons Instructor Courses presented to date

  • 4

    Air Forces per intake

  • 2000+

    Training flight hours per year and growing

Experts & Professionals

The ITTC instructor team consists of an international group of experts with the broadest spectrum of knowledge and experience in fixed and rotary wing, civil and military flight testing.

  • A helicopter in flight, a river trees and a golf course below.
  • An ITTC student boarding a grey L-39 on our air strip.
  • A side view of two L-39 flying in formation.
  • Eight ITPS students at our facility on tarmac; planes and hangars surround them.
  • A grey and orange UAV in flight with a red and black helicopter behind it.

Professional, Responsive & Innovative Solutions

Talk to an ITTC expert today about your unique bespoke training requirements