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Tactical Training


Expert instructors provide courses from Fighter Lead-In Training to Fighter Weapons Instructor Course. Each programme is tailored for individual customers and budgets. World-class facilities include the latest technology of Live Virtual Constructive Training and a new 4th Gen simulator centre. ITTC trains for today and tomorrow’s combat aircrew.

  • ITTC L-39 returning from a bluebird sky fly and preparing for landing.
  • Slick black ITPS 5th Gen Hunter parked with an open cockpit.
  • Green and red MBB Bo105 helicopter flying over green landscape
  • ITTC L-39 student, donned with oxygen mask, boarding the aircraft.
  • Student in green military suit in a F-18 aircraft simulator
  • Black Hunter Hawker T-55 airplane on the tarmac.

Tactical Training summary:

  • 6 to 8-month Fighter Lead-In Training
  • 18-week Fighter Weapons Instructor Course
  • 5-week Tactical Development Program
  • 3-week Mission Commander Course
  • 2 to 5-week Night Vision Systems and Operations Course

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