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Raphael Web in orange flight suit.
Raphael Langumier
Assistant Test Pilot Instructor (FW)

Raphael has over twenty years’ experience as a pilot and extensive experience of civil heavy transport operations and flight testing. He is rated on the B737-200, Convair 580 and Lear 31. He holds flight instructor and aerobatic instructor ratings and a Transport Canada Airline Transport license, having accumulated over 3800 hours of experience on fifty-six types of aircraft. His flight test experience includes certification flight tests and the full spin campaign for a Canadian designed light aircraft. He also participated in the take-off and landing performance flight tests for a Supplemental Type Certificate for a B737 modification for operations off semi prepared and gravel runways. His avionics and systems flight test experience include the certification flight tests for UNS-1 Flight Management System on the B737-200 leading to the issue of a Supplemental Type Certificate. Certification of a new bulkhead installation for a combi configuration on the B737. He is the ITPS check pilot for the AV L-39 and AV-L29 and test pilot for the ITPS Manned Remotely Piloted Aircraft (MRPA) project which includes modifications to the flight control system and installation of remotely operated controls to act as a surrogate for a Medium Altitude Long Endurance UAV. Raphael is a graduate of the International Test Pilot School flight testing short course (2013) and a member of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots