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Former safety manager Muhammad Farooq at ITPS.
Muhammad Farooq
Safety Manager / Ops Coordinator

Muhammad Farooq, is a retired Pakistan Air Force pilot, latest rank as Wing Commander (Lieutenant Colonel) with highly concentrated background from different sources varying from Pakistan Air Force, UAE Air Force to PLA Air Force of PR China. He is a QFI, FWI and a graduate of the elite Combat Commanders School of Pakistan Air Force. He is also a certified Instructor Pilot on the F16 and served as Flight Commander Operations/Instructor Pilot in the Multi-Role F-16 Operational Conversion Squadron of Pakistan Air Force. In Air Superiority Roles, he has vast instructional experience in BFM, ACM, ACT/DACT (Multi Bogey), Fighter Escorts, and Cap vs Sweep type missions, simulating weapons like All Aspect BVR Missiles to IR Missiles, (under comm-jam environments). In Air to Surface role, he has vast instructional experience in Conventional, Inertial and Laser Guided Weapons delivery (including Live Night Bombing using FLIR), under various threat conditions, both Air to Air and Surface to Air. Also has instructional experience in night time anti-shipping bombing missions, using inertial and FLIR modes. He took part, both as a pilot and as instructor in the annual Highmark Exercises in Pakistan Air Force and GCC exercises in the middle east. Also flew DACT exercise against the US Navy F-18s. He authored the Hawk 102 Operational Course Syllabus and the squadron In-flight Guide, for UAE Air Force. For the PLA Air Force, he authored the Combined Basic/Advance jet course syllabus for the K-8 aircraft. As a fighter pilot, he has over 5000 hours on more than 13 different aircraft, including fighter aircraft like the F-16s, Mirage 3 & 5, F-6/FT-6, Hawk-102 and FT-9 (FTC 2000).