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Joao Falcao in orange flight suit in the hangar.
João Falcão
Flight Test Engineer Instructor (RW)

João Otávio Falcão has almost 10 years of flight test experience and aerospace engineering research with the Brazilian Air Force. João is a graduate with honours as best student of the 2010 Brazilian Flight Test Course (CEV – EFEV). He graduated with a BSc in Aeronautical Engineering and subsequently a Master in Flight Mechanics from the Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica, in Brazil. João was responsible for evaluating and certifying the Brazilian new versions of the H225M Caracal helicopter basic vehicle, SAR and the presidential VIP version. During his career as a flight test engineer in the Brazilian Air Force, he flew approximately 550 hours which included experimental test flights covering performance, handling qualities, mission systems and weapons testing. In parallel, he was an Instructor of the Brazilian Flight Test School (EFEV) for 6 years lecturing on Aerodynamics, Performance, Automatic Flight Control System, Rotor Characteristics and Flying Qualities for the Brazilian Acceptance and Flight Test Course. He was also Chief of  the Flight Test Section of Brazilian Aerospace Product Certification Division, coordinating the H225M Brazilian Air Force Operational Version certification process and working on the following Brazilian military certification processes: H225M Brazilian Navy Operational version, AS-365K2, KC-390 (Embraer), Gripen NG (Saab), F-5 modernization, A-1 modernization and C-295 SAR version. João has presented flight test technical papers at European Rotorcraft Forum (ERF), American Helicopter Society (AHS) International Annual Forum and and has been published in international journals. He has flown more than 25 fixed and rotary wings aircraft types.